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Tuesday is brush chipping day, unless an emergency presents itself. In order to make things flow smoothly, we ask you follow a few helpful hints:

  • Place the butt end of the branch toward the road.
  • Stack brush on your side of the sidewalk.
  • Leave the branches long - 8' to 12' is good. The machine does not do well with short branches.
  • Please do not mix logs or vines with the brush; it only slows us down.
  • Vines and twigs should be placed in a separate container for pick up.

LEAVESPicture of Fall leaves

We start collecting leaves curbside the second or third week of October and go through Christmas. They are collected approximately three days-a-week.

Do not place sticks, branches, stones, weeds or mulched grass/leaves into the leaf pile.

Place leaves at the curb or the edge of the roadway. Long rows are best; big piles slow us down.

After Christmas, there is no curbside pick up. All leaves should be placed in containers for pick up. Garbage bags should be left open.

We do not pick up GRASS and it should not be mixed in with leaves. Leaf mulch should be placed in bags for pick up.



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